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The traditional method of recovering debts via the County Courts is not the effective option that it once used to be.

Hundreds of millions of pounds of debts currently remain unpaid and County Court Bailiffs are viewed as simply ineffective due to the simple fact they are salaried as opposed to the more robust Private self employed Bailiffs that enforce Council tax, Parking enforcement debts etc.

By taking your debtor to court you only succeed in adding further costs to the debt and that is providing the debtor does not make an ambiguous defence, which could result if you having to pay thousands for legal representation as well as wasting even more of your precious time.

Indeed, we have heard of companies and sole traders spending thousands, literally exhausting every avenue in desperate attempts to recover monies owed when a simple call to our associates could have resulted in a massive reduction in costs and time wasted, not to mention a more expedient and cost efficient route to recovering your money.

For any business entity, (large or small) to have overdue debts is a negative asset so that is were can help to empower British Business and this is our sole objective.

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